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"For couples seeking a deeper connection, our process provides the keys to unlock lasting love."

Through insightful exercises and open conversations, we empower partners to:

Explore the depths of your true selves, viewing one another through a new lens.

Experience the life-changing influence of love and admiration, and how to sustain it daily.

Define your distinct roles and duties, embracing your inherent strengths.

Unleash your unique abilities - your extraordinary talents as individuals and partners.

Nurture emotional and physical closeness, ensuring your connection remains strong.

Promote transparent and sincere communication, moving beyond hearing to genuine comprehension.

Agree on effective parenting, guiding children with shared principles.

Juggle work, leisure, and family time, focusing on what truly counts.

Combine financial aspirations, planning for the future together.

Establish limits with relatives and friends that safeguard your marriage.

Be deliberate in your relationship, making mindful decisions.

Embrace vulnerability, strengthening trust and affection with courage.

"Carl and Michelle are far past amazing they are life changing. Me and my wife went to them for our premarital counseling after praying for a while and feeling dubious about some of our other references and let me tell you I have grown astronomically as a man of God and my wife a woman of God since we first met them. They helped us revamp our view and introduced us to such a different perspective of the same scriptures we grew up on to really see what God was and is doing in our marriage. They also make sure that we knew that we were never alone in our journey."

"Pastor Carl and Michelle Byrd have been our anchor during challenging times, providing invaluable guidance and a deep understanding of marriage dynamics. Thanks to their expert advice, Cashata and I have preserved our love through tough moments. As we navigate life together, their counseling, from emergency sessions to thoughtful assignments, has steered our relationship toward a lasting connection. We're grateful for their wisdom and faith-based approach to building strong relationships."
We received premarital counseling from Carl and Michelle in 2019. They were very open, honest, and transparent about the journey we were about to embark on. We are thankful that they were able to coach and guide us on the expectations of the covenant of marriage. They referenced scriptures in all our sessions and related them to life experiences. They prayed with us and prayed for us. We believe that the sessions have helped create a solid foundation for our marriage. Next month we celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary and we are forever grateful for their support.
“The best thing about our premarital counseling with Carl and Michelle was the time we spent on the first four words of the Bible, “In the beginning God…” 
This wasn’t glossed over. It wasn’t rushed. Carl intentionally stopped after reading those four words and anchored everything else they said in the weeks after on that statement. That’s the kind of focus EVERY engaged couple should have, and every counselor should provide. Praise God, we got that with the Byrds. Years later, they continue to be an example of a foundation in Christ for our family. “
The Shupes
The McGriffs
The Greens
The Karrs
“We were blessed to have Carl and Michelle officiate our wedding! We did our premarital counseling through them before the wedding. It was very short notice, however they didn’t disappoint in the least! They were happy to work with us despite our day-to-day schedules being extremely hectic. The lessons and insight with which they provided us have given us a strong foundation to build our marriage! If you are looking for an officiant or marriage counselor, Michelle and Carl are the most compassionate, understanding, and insightful people you could hope for! They had our wedding guests cracking up and we received nothing but amazing feedback about Carl and Michelle from everyone who attended!”
The Hamiltons

Our Practice Addresses Needs in the Following Areas:

- Pre-Marital Counseling
- Marriage Counseling

- Family/Blended Family Counseling
- Mental & Behavioral Health

- Wedding/Vow Renewal Officiating (Licensed)
- Motivational Speaking Engagements
- Marriage Conference Facilitator